Projects of Genomics UA

Our active projects are listed first; archived projects can be found below.

Bioinformatics UA

This is the Ukrainian online community, where our team writes about relevant news and share opportunities (some of those are unique offers for the community); our events are also hosted here. By joining the community, you can receive career advice, ask bioinformatics- or general science-related questions, and network with interesting people.

The first event of the club was held in December 2018.

How to join

Join our Telegram chat and write a few words about yourself with hashtag #iam


Biomedical Journal Club

We have created this club to stay updated on the latest research in omics and bioinformatics. Here how it works: one community member selects a perspective paper and, together with other volunteers, reviews and presents it. Usually, such teams are supported by a person who works or has experience with the subject. On the day of the event, the presenters’ team shows the paper’s key points, and then we discuss it.

How to join

Drop us a message (refer to the "Contacts" page) or write in the chat of Bioinformatics UA. Propose a paper interesting for you.


Events are hosted on the platform of Bioinformatics UA - check the links above.

Archived projects

Training course in single cell biology

We have hosted the training course in April 2021, which lasted for one week. We have received nearly 1200 registrations globally and provided seminars with two hands-on workshops, one week long in total.

How to join

Register to the online-course and to the workshops separately (the registration is closed)