Genomics UA was founded in 2019 as a non-governmental organization to widespread bioinformatics in Ukraine. Our primary goal is to unite like-minded people through educational and scientific events, research projects, and contests. We want to increase the involvement of Ukrainian researchers and our partners in omics and bioinformatics. We support individual scientists, students, academic and industrial partners by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Non-governmental organization “Genomics UA” (Ukrainian: “Геноміка ЮА”) is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 2019-08-16 and received identification of the National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations (Ukrainian: ЄДРПОУ) 43178260.

Tax information

NGO “Genomics UA” is included in the Registry of Non-Profit Organizations by act #1915114600007 from 2019-10-02.

Financial information

For our supporters, we propose our Patreon link: We are happy to provide our organization’s bank requisites per contact for those who would like to support us directly.