Natural sciences evolve with a remarkable speed nowadays. Among the latest challenges in biology are the large-scale data analysis and the networking between scientists. We try to help with both.

“Genomics UA” was founded in 2018 as a public collaboration of scientists that try to push bioinformatics forward in Ukraine. We promote progress in science and technology by bringing Life Sciences to real life.

We are an initiative group of medics, engineers and molecular biologists who are supporting a center for Genomics development and education in Ukraine. We aim to provide training, consulting and genomics services for academic and medical institutions in Ukraine and other countries. We aim to build an educational platform to increase awareness about the current state of genetics as well as methods and approaches for genome analysis among scientists, medics and broad community.

Currently, our platform already has ties with numerous institutions and medical centers in Odesa region as well as in other parts of Ukraine. As an educational center, we constantly increase our connections with different research and medical institutions. Our audience is the pool of talented young professionals with life science, medical and computational background. We are building collaborations with organizations outside of Ukraine (e.g. in Romania, Poland, etc.). We are open to new collaborations and joint initiatives.

Our projects